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Dear Socnetters,


Please consider this call for papers for a Special Issue of Poetics on "Discourse, Meaning, and Networks: Advances in Socio-Semantic Analysis".


Deadline for extended (2-page) abstracts: January 15th 2018.


Research that considers combining social and semantic networks goes back decades but the focus on socio-semantic network analysis has come together as a specific arena of scholarship only recently.


Bringing together the rich tradition of the study of social networks with the mobilization of network analytic techniques to analyze texts and discourse logics, this scholarship is offering novel understandings of the relationship between social structure and discursive/meaning structure that individuals, identities or groups make use of as they operate within social networks.


For this special issue, authors are invited to submit papers focusing on theoretical, methodological or empirical advances that address the complex relationship between the networks created by social ties and those constituting the content of communication and its meaning, whether this relationship is operative in face-to-face interactions or mediated.


Below are examples of topics that could be addressed by the authors:

        Theorization of the complex relationship between semantic structure, meaning structure, and social structure.

        Qualitative and quantitative methods to relate semantic structure and social structure

        Multiplex, multilevel and multimode socio-semantic networks.

        Relationship between semantic similarity and social ties.

        Joint semantic network analysis of message content and social network analysis of communication channels.

        Application of social network analysis techniques to semantic and socio-semantic networks.

        Use of semantic network data to capture social structures between actors.

        Semantic structuring throughout conversations in networks.

        Material embeddedness of socio-semantic structures.


Submission process

A two-step acceptance process is proposed for this special issue, a first step being the submission of a 2-page abstract to the editors. This abstract will allow the editors to ensure that the topic of the paper aligns with the aims of the Special Issue. Upon acceptance of their abstract, authors will be invited to submit a first version of the full paper again to the guest editors, who will provide feedback and make a decision about inclusion in the SI. Papers accepted by the SI editors will then be submitted to Poetics together, where each will undergo a final stage of blind review. Below is the calendar for submission deadlines.


Abstract (2-page): January 15th 2018

Full paper to the editors: May 15th 2018

Full paper for blind review: September 1st 2018 


This Special Issue is going to be published in 2020. 


Abstract and full papers to the editors should be sent to: [log in to unmask]


Kind regards,

The Guest Editors:

Dr. Nikita Basov, St. Petersburg State University

Prof. Ronald Breiger, University of Arizona

Dr. Iina Hellsten, University of Amsterdam 

Prof. John Mohr, University of California at Santa Barbara

Prof. Johanne Saint-Charles, University of Quebec at Montreal

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