Alpha Epsilon Lambda (AEL) is the prestigious honor society for graduate and professional school students that recognizes students, regardless of academic discipline, who are in the top 35% of their college, with no more than 1% of those students accepted each year.


The University of Florida AEL chapter is starting the application process for induction into the class of Fall 2018.


If you think you meet the qualifications for AEL membership, please click on this link to fill out an online pre-screening form by the 5 p.m. September 7, 2018 deadline: UF AEL Pre-Screening Form.


The form asks for:


1.      Your first and last name.

2.      Your major.

3.      Your grade point average. (You must be in the top 35% of your major to qualify.)

4.      The number of credits you have completed. (You must have already completed 12 or more credits at UF to qualify.)


Qualified applicants will be sent a full membership application, as well as an invitation to a meet-and-greet event for potential new members.


The final application process for membership requires an application form, your curriculum vitae or résumé, and a letter of reference. In your application, AEL will look for demonstrated leadership as well as scholarly and professional accomplishments both in and out of school. Please present these documents in the most professional form possible. Presentation or lack thereof plays a role in determining acceptance when application numbers are high in a given semester.


Completing this pre-screening does not commit you in any way to applying for or accepting admission into AEL. Neither does it constitute your acceptance by AEL for membership. Only when an invitation is extended will there be any obligation.


For more information online about the UF chapter of AEL, please click on this links: UF Alpha Epsilon Lambda.


If you have questions, please email AEL Membership Chair Mark Kann at [log in to unmask].