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The Student Data Analysis Seminar (SDAS) provides a venue for students to discuss the techniques driving current research for extracting information from large and complex data sets. Presentation topics will focus on data analysis applications, as well as the algorithms, mathematical theory, and statistical inference tools which underpin data science. Examples of potential topics include graphical models, neural networks, topological data analysis, computational geometry, and applications showcasing the effective use of these and other methods.

SDAS is targeted at all students across the University working on data analysis related problems. Attendance is open. Graduate students, faculty, and interested undergraduate students are welcome to attend any week. Slots are available for students interested in presenting on a data analysis related topic (send an email to Patrick ([log in to unmask]) or Parker ([log in to unmask])). We are especially interested in hosting speakers from a diverse set of backgrounds, including bioinformatics, ecology, chemistry, medical imaging, and more.

The next seminar, Thursday, September 6, 2018, 1:55-3:00PM, in Room E251 CSE Bldg. (UF Informatics Institute office) is:

Patrick Emami (PhD Student – Computer Science)

Title: Machine Learning for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Abstract: The field of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) involves the development of computational methods for improving the quality of transportation; key applications include autonomous vehicles, traffic surveillance, and traffic network optimization. ITS has been revolutionized by advances in machine learning (ML), partly due to the availability of large-scale datasets and scalable algorithms that can extract insights from data. For example, deep learning has significantly improved our ability to perform vehicle and pedestrian detection and tracking. In this seminar, I will broadly survey applications of ML within ITS and provide details on projects within the UF Transportation Institute that are using ML. The talk will also include a discussion on the sensors used for data collection and real-time decision making.

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Please RSVP so we can make sure you have a seat.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

1:55 PM – 3:00 PM

UF Informatics Institute

Rm E251 Computer Science and Engineering Bldg (CSE)

432 Newell Road

Gainesville, FL 32611


We hope to see you there!


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