Call for Earth System Science Proposals (Due 10/15/18)


Released to: Graduate student, coordinator, and staff listservs


The UF Florida Museum’s Thompson Institute for Earth Systems (TIES) seeks earth system science proposals that showcase discoveries about Earth and its natural systems for target audiences like:


1.      Florida K-12 schools

2.      Lifelong learners in Florida

3.      UF non-science learners


This program intends to encourage development of small projects that could be “add-ons” to existing, larger research efforts or act as “seed money” that will lead to additional funding.


TIES anticipates funding for up to four project during 2018-2019. Budget requests are not to exceed $2,500 and will be disbursed within the UF accounting system, for either a single investigator or multiple collaborators, at least one of whom must be affiliated with UF. Unless it can be justified as reaching the intended target audiences, funding will not primarily support meeting travel, nor will it support the proposer’s stipend.


Please keep proposals short — no more than five pages for Items 1-6 listed below, along with a budget (Item 7), a curriculum vitae (Item 8), and a letter of support (Item 9):


1.      Project title

2.      Proposer’s name, UFID number, and contact information, along with (if applicable), those of collaborators

3.      UF department(s) and major field(s)

4.      Faculty sponsor’s name, title, and email address

5.      A 100-word “brief” (abstract), written for a general audience and to be put on our website

6.      Project description

7.      Budget and justification

8.      A two-page curriculum vitae

9.      Short (one or a few paragraph(s), no more than one page) letter or memorandum of support from faculty sponsor


Proposals including all of these items in a single PDF file are to be emailed to [log in to unmask] by Monday, October 15, 2018.


The primary criteria for peer evaluation of proposals will include:


1.      The merit and relevance of the earth systems research proposal to Florida

2.      Potential impact of the project on the intended target audience

3.      Demonstration of how the project will enhance the proposer’s existing broader impact activities or lead to new funding possibilities

4.      Faculty support statement


The grant period is for 12 months: November 1, 2018 through October 31, 2019.


Awardees will agree to having their abstracts posted on the TIES website and must submit a one-page report.


Awardees also will be given opportunity to present their findings through a seminar or public talk, if preferred.


The deadline for submitting proposals is Monday, October 15, 2018.


Awards will be announced in the second half of October 2018.


For more information online, click on this link: Thompson Institute for Earth Systems (TIES).


If you have questions, email Sadie Mills at [log in to unmask].