After some discussions about how to address ties in our elections, we are excited announce the new Carpentry Club board for 2018-2019:

Brian Stucky
Hao Ye
Geraldine Klarenberg
Simona Picardi
Joe Andreoli
Elise Morrison
Kristina Riemer
Gaurav Vaidya

The first meeting of the new board will be formally announced soon but it will likely be around 3:00 on Tuesday, October 9. Remote participation will be available.

Thank you to everyone who ran. Our board meetings are open for anyone to attend and we welcome input from anyone, board member or not. If you are interested in teaching, mentoring, and the Carpentries, we would be excited to have you even if it is just for an occasional meeting.

Matthew Collins
Technical Operations Manager
Advanced Computing and Information Systems Lab, ECE
University of Florida