The next UF Carpentries Club board meeting will be on Tuesday, October 
9, at 3:30 PM in the UFII conference room.  Anyone who is interested is 
welcome to attend.  If you would like to join remotely, we will be using 


* Introduce new board members and any new meeting participants

* Set the meeting schedule for the remainder of the semester
* Decide on a plan for board positions (chair, secretary, etc.) and 
assign positions
* Report on 1-day R workshop
* Update on travel awards
* Updates on upcoming geospatial workshop
* Elections procedure: how to deal with (or prevent) ties

To respect attendees' schedules, I want to be sure to keep this meeting 
to an hour or less, so I have attempted to roughly order the agenda 
items by priority/urgency; we can table the last item if need be.

Meeting minutes will be posted at