Happy 2018!

If you have been following the informatics-teaching-L list serve[1], you've seen that we have started a UF Carpentries club to better manage the Data and Software Carpentry workshops at UF. Last semester we formed a volunteer board and wrote a charter[2] which I encourage you to check out. This semester we are holding elections for our first official 7 member board. All prior instructors, organizers, and sponsors are eligible to nominate themselves. We are also seeking people from other places besides UF main campus to nominate themselves as well.

Nominations are due by Tuesday 1/9/2018. Nominations will be posted on the club wiki and elections will start Friday 1/12/2018. All participants, helpers, instructors, and organizers in past UF workshops are eligible to vote and an email will be sent out after the nominations are up. The very brief nomination form is here:

I would expect the commitment to be 0-4 hours per week during the spring and much less during the summer. The main activities will be bi-weekly meetings to discuss outreach, sustainability, and organizing workshops. We have a total of 4 workshops this spring[3], some already have organizers. As a board member you will have recognition from the Informatics and Biodiversity Institutes and the UF libraries, opportunities to meet Carpentries people here and at other institutions, and lots of support in your own teaching and professional development goals.

Also, if you know anyone who you think would be interested in being on the board, please feel free to forward this email. There are eligibility requirements but it is best for people to express an interest and then discuss them.

I hope you will consider nominating yourself and I look forward to our semester of activity!




Matthew Collins
Technical Operations Manager
Advanced Computing and Information Systems Lab, ECE
University of Florida