Hi all,

The UF Carpentry Club would like to invite you to participate in the
upcoming Carpentries Bug BBQ - a collaborative lesson development event for
Carpentries workshops. Special focus will be given on preparing the *Social
Science* and *Geospatial* lessons ready for teaching, so this is a great
opportunity to provide input, contribute to a lesson to complete your
instructor training, or get a sneak peak on lesson content!

**** Please pass along the message to those in your department if you think
they would be interested! ****

*## Event Details*

   - UF Informatics Institute Lecture Room (432 Newell Dr. CISE Bldg. E252)
   - 2018, April 13 – 1pm to 5pm EST
   - no registration required, but please sign up in the etherpad (link
   below) so that we can get a headcount for snacks
   - bring your {laptop, charger, enthusiasm!}
   - show up @ 1pm - 2:30pm (optional) intro to Git/GitHub

*## Important Links*

   - Sign up on the etherpad
   - Add the event
   to your Google calendar.
   - UF Site info
   - Official website <> for
   the Carpentries Bug BBQ

Detailed FAQ below.

Hao Ye (on behalf of the UF Carpentry Club)
Postdoc / Moore Data Fellow
White & Ernest Lab, UF
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*## FAQ*

*Q: Do I have to participate for the whole time? I saw that the event
starts on April 12 at 9am…*

You are welcome to participate whenever you like. The Bug BBQ is a
distributed, global event set up to provide focused effort on improving the
Carpentries lessons. We are only planning to have a physical space set up
at the designated time and location, but you can participate remotely.

*Q: Do I need to know how to use Git/GitHub to participate?*

From 1pm to 2:30pm, we will go over using Git and GitHub to participate,
based off of the Software Carpentry lesson - This is optional, so if you are
already familiar with using GitHub and submitting pull requests, please
feel free to show up at any time to participate. Several of us will also be
around to help troubleshoot if you're feeling rusty, or use Git but haven't
collaborated using GitHub before.

*Q: Do I need to be familiar with coding and the lesson content to

Nope! The lessons will have a list of “issues” - existing problems to be
fixed. Some of the issues may be tagged “good first issue”, which will be
accessible to everyone. Correcting typos and clarifying the existing
writing are helpful, too, even if there is not a specific “issue” for that
already. You can also create issues if you identify new problems or want to
suggest improvements.

There will also be a chatroom where the lesson maintainers will help to
coordinate the work.

*Q: Can I work on the other Carpentries lessons (other than geospatial and
social sciences)?*

Yes! They may have fewer issues and the lesson maintainers may not be
online to help guide contributions, but you are welcome to work on any of
the lessons. You can do this at any time, actually, but with slightly less
fanfare than a Bug BBQ event. :)

*Q: What do I get out of it?*

   - Sadly, we can’t pay you or give you course credit. However, your
   contributions to the lessons DO get recorded, so there is a public record
   for your work. Lesson are released publicly on Zenodo, which means that
   they come with DOIs that can be cited. For example,
   - Since Carpentries workshops are taught worldwide and attended widely
   (we’ve had over 250 participants at UF alone in the last ~2 years), your
   contributions will also have a huge impact.
   - Contributing to lessons is additionally a factor we consider for
   instructor training and a requirement for the checkout procedures for newly
   trained instructors.
   - Did we mention the snacks?

*Q: Where can I learn more?*

The official website for the Carpentries Bug BBQ is

The UF Carpentry Club is maintaining its own page to handle local info at
UF here, which includes updates to this FAQ: