We have an upcoming Carpentry workshops in need to instructors and helpers. The workshop is June 25-26th on UF campus at the informatics Institute.We have a new sign-up sheet available to help everyone see who's doing what and what contributions are needed on our upcoming events page . If you would like to teach or help at these events, just put your name down!

We will be teaching spreadsheets, SQL, OpenRefine and R. For more information regarding the teaching schedule and syllabus please visit the workshop site:  https://punama.github.io/2018-25-06-UF-DataCarp/ 

All upcoming events are posted on the UF carpentries club website https://uf-carpentry.github.io/website/events/ and we encourage instructors in the gator community to organize more workshops in the future.


Punam Amratia
Emerging Pathogens Institute
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