On Wed, 28 Feb 2018, Wark,Geoffrey T wrote:

> To be perfectly honest though, I think privacy and encryption over email is largely a waste of time.  Do you even know anyone who uses PGP?  The overwhelming majority of
> people (even tech folks) cannot be bothered.  I?ve never met a single person that actually uses PGP for email on a daily basis.

I worked for a company that required all internal email be PGP encrypted. 
Once you get the mail client setup for it, you hardly even notice it.

> That and it?s a pain in the ass to deal with some people/organizations flagging your self-hosted mail as spam.  Email admin can be a lot of maintenance/troubleshooting.  Not
> good if you?re waiting on something important.

I've hosted my own email for about 20 years.  The only times I've had any 
real issues like that were when hosting it at home on my cable/internet 
connection.  I imagine you might run into similar difficulty if running it 
from some of the larger cloud providers, as you end up with the "bad 
neighborhood" effect.  i.e. If other networks see lots of spam and other 
crap coming from that cloud provider's IPs, they might blacklist the 
entire IP block.

For the OP, if you're having trouble setting up email services, you're 
more likely to get useful help if you say what you've done, what's 
happening, and what's not working.  "I setup email, but it doesn't work" 
is a little too broad a problem to expect any assistance.

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