Hello Community

I am having some issues with data management of a social network analysis project (ego-centric networks). 

I have three different csv files 1) One csv file with data of 119 egos, 2) One csv file with all ego’s alter attributes (30 alters per ego), 3) 119 cvs files with alter-alter ties as adjacency matrices. The last two have been turn into lists. 

The problems appear when I want to merge the list of alter-alter ties to the list of alter attributes as one single Igraph object. One of the error messages I am often having is "Error in : cannot coerce class ‘"igraph"’ to a data.frame” 
I apologize for not including more chunks of coding on this email to help you understand, but I didn’t want to overwhelm my explanation. I’d appreciate very much if anyone who’s available on campus during summer B could take a look at my project and give me hand. I can agree on an appointment.  


David Cañarte
Ph.D. Student
Department of Sociology and Criminology
University of Florida
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