Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Gainesville and the start of semester! This semester we are trying out new things for our weekly meetups.

We will still be hosting the weekly R meetups, and as usual it will be on every Wednesday 4-6pm beginning Jan 17. We invite everyone who need help in their R problems in analyses, who wish to put their R expertise into good use by helping others out to join us in the meetup session. Once in every few weeks, we'll get someone to share with us about their research: how they use R in their project, the packages that are involved, and maybe debate about the colors in their plots. These presentations will be a small step away from the "tutorials" that we've conducted in our past meetups. And we hope that this allows us to learn new and more in-depth things that were not covered in our past meetups. We will furnish you with more details in a follow-up email soon!

Secondly, with the help from our software/data carpentry community here, we are running a series of Data Carpentry workshops over the course of 7 weeks on every Thursday 3-5pm beginning Jan 18. Each workshop is about two hour long. We think that this will be useful to those of us who are new to R, but couldn't attend the occasional two-day carpentry workshops. See the ad below:


Want to get started writing code or refresh your data analysis skills? The UF R-Gators group has been hosting weekly meetups to talk about coding projects and get help with your own code. To supplement this we'll be running a Data Carpentry workshop over the course of 7 weeks in the Spring 2018 semester. The workshop will be 1-2 hours once a week, and will be in addition to the weekly seminar and code help session.

Workshop Details

When: Every Thursday from 3-5pm.

Beginning Jan 18 (the 2nd week of classes)

Ending March 1 (The week before spring break)

Where: Marston Science Library Rm. L136

What: We'll be following the R Ecology lesson<>.:

Cost: This is a free workshop


If you wish to participate please sign up here

Besides having a laptop with a running copy of R and Rstudio, there are no prerequisites for attending these workshops. The lessons are linear and build upon the concepts learned the  prior week. As such it is highly recommended that you attend every one. We also understand that unexpected things come up and will do our best to work with learners who must miss a lesson.


Our website on the UF R-gators is up at If you have any questions, feel free to contact us (Justin: [log in to unmask] or Ben: [log in to unmask] or Shawn: [log in to unmask])! Also if you want to join the UF R-User mailing list and learn more about the weekly meetup and other R activities in UF, sign up here (

Thank you and hope to see you soon.

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