Hello everyone,

We're excited for today's presentation by Joe Andreoli from the Geography Department. I have put up a repository on the group's GitHub ( containing the R script and associated files Joe will be using today. I recommend installing the packages prior to the meetup (the first few lines of code will do this). As some of you may already know, spatial data analyses often include large files, so we've had to compress the "Current" folder in order to satisfy GitHub limits. For those of you that are unfamiliar GitHub, here's a guide for getting the data onto your computer:

1.       Follow this link to access the GitHub repo:

2.       Click the green "Clone or download" button, and select "Download ZIP"
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3.       Locate this file (likely in your Downloads folder), and unzip or Extract All... the file:
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4.       Once extracted, locate the folder 'andreoli-master' (not the zipped file):
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5.       In this folder, you'll have to also Extract the "Current" folder. If this option isn't available, you have probably selected the zipped file and not the actual folder
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6.       After extracting the 'Current' files your folder should look like the image below, from there you can open the R project files and then in RStudio open the Andreoli_R_Meetup.R script.
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If you have questions about this or anything else just find me at the meet up. See you soon!

Justin Millar
PhD Candidate | University of Florida
Forest Resources and Conservation | Emerging Pathogens Institute
[log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> | 248-229-8782 | 409 McCarty C

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