Dear R community,

I am creating a map using R (prod_mapv12_fruit.png), but now I cannot figure it out how to draw the squares of the zoom-in in the middle map.

I have the coordinates of the edges for the two polygons I want to draw but cannot make them into a square. When I plot them, it only plots four dots.

# attempt one importing the data using a CSV file. In this case, I could not find a predefined function to transform the points in a polygon.

zoom_square <- read.csv("zoom_square.csv")

zoom_square_1<- zoom_square %>%
  filter(square == "A") %>%
zoom_square_2<- zoom_square %>%
  filter(square == "B") %>%

# attempt two: this was a suggestion I find in the internet, but could not make it work.
zoom_square_1<- rbind(c(-10.821079,-68.403542),
zoom_square_1_pol <- st_polygon(list(zoom_square_1))

Once the points are converted to polygons I can add the Coordinates reference system and plot them into the map.

To summarize, I want help to convert these two sets of four points into two squares (polygons) that can be used with ggplot2::geom_sf().

Best regards,

Eduardo S. Bongiolo

Masters student

School of Forest Resources and Conservation

University of Florida

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