Hi, Stacey.
In our DNP program, the students take a reading and writing assessment as part of the orientation program.
Based on their results and intake, students are connected to me, the Learning Specialist. We meet and create a success plan that also includes working with the graduate tutors (coaches/study group leaders) for support. This is a requirement of their acceptance into the program.

We also have study group and Academic Coaching for the DNP and DPT students. The academic coaches are recommended by the graduate faculty and the Academic Coaches are paid on an hourly rate. A study strategy component has also been infused into one of the introductory DNP courses. We are collecting data from this as part of 6-year longitudinal study.

The DPT students are referred to me if they begin to struggle in their graduate level courses. At that point, they are put on a success plan that the student creates with me. I monitor the plan, meet with students weekly, and report back to the graduate faculty.

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Hello Colleagues,

I hope your spring semester is off to a great start!

I am currently working with campus staff in our College of Business to design a tutoring program for graduate students.  We are seeking to create a model that is more intentional and focused on early identification of students, as well as still allowing for any graduate student enrolled in the courses served to participate.  The tutors will be identified through the graduate assistantship pool, as tutoring will be part of their GA role.

Does anyone have a such model?  I would like to connect with other colleagues at other institutions to gather information about how you are serving the tutoring needs of graduate students, implementation model(s), and any other information to consider as we build our program.

Many thanks for any insight and tips you can provide!

Have a wonderful day,


Stacey Davis, M.A.
Director, Academic Excellence Programs
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The University of Tampa - Academic Success Center

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