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Please consider attending the 9th Conference on Complex Networks (CompleNet 2018) to be held in Boston, MA, March 5-8, 2018, hosted by the Network Science Institute.  

This is a networks conference that encourages exchange across multiple disciplines and applications.  The conference also features: Art of Networks (III) exhibit; and the first meeting of the Caucus for Women of Network Science (WiNS). 

                  More Info Here:  www.complenet.org

                  Register Here https://events.attend.com/f/1383782574
 Our invited speakers include: 

  • Aaron Clauset, UC Boulder, CO, US
  • Kayla de la Haye, University of Southern California, CA, US
  • James A. Evans, University of Chicago, IL, US
  • Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University, NY, US
  • David Lazer, Northeastern University, MA, US
  • Yelena Mejova, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar
  • JP Onnela, Harvard University, MA, US
  • Olaf Sporns, Indiana University, IN, US
  • Sam Scarpino, Northeastern University, MA, US
  • Jessika Trancik, MIT, MA, US
  • Milena Tsvetkova, London School of Economics, London, UK
  • Fernanda B. Viegas and Martin Wattenberg, Google, MA, US


General Chairs:

Kate Coronges, Northeastern University, USA

Alessandro Vespignani, Northeastern University, USA


Program Chairs:

Roberta Sinatra, Central European University, Hungary

Bruno Gonçalves, NYU Center for Data Science, USA

Sean P. Cornelius, Northeastern University, USA


Contact Information:

Please direct all questions to [log in to unmask]

Kate Coronges
  Executive Director, Network Science Institute  
  Northeastern University
  M: (323) 356-4492 | O: (617) 373-6424


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