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On Thu, 18 Jan 2018, Sebastian Stevens wrote:

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> Dear Socnet colleagues,
> I have a query about multiplex ERGM¢s and I wonder if anyone can help me?
> I have two networks, one is a directed network of friendship ties where everyone in the network can send links. The
> second network is also a directed network, however only certain members of the network can send links. This second
> network is of individuals who nominate colleagues to provide them with feedback, however it is only individuals of a
> particular job role that can send these ties to nominate the colleagues.
> When using an ERGM, does it matter methodologically if ties can not be sent by all actors in the network?


> If it does, is there any way of accounting for the inability of all 
> actors not being able to send ties.

Yes! :)  You do this by using the "constraints" argument in an ergm call.

You can see the possible constraint options in the help:


Given the structure you're trying to constrain, I think the 
contstraints=fixedas(present,absent) is probably what you'll want to 


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