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Social Capital - state of the art and new directions 

Beate Volker University of Amsterdam 

 Although in many studies having ‘contacts’ or ‘friends’ is considered as having social capital, it is common knowledge that social networks are not always a resource. There are a number of theoretical notions how social resources/social capital - as resulting from social networks - can be understood, hypothesized and measured. Empirical studies applying measurements of social capital do not always follow the theoretical assumptions, but nevertheless, there is ample literature about social capital in various domains of people’s life (mostly related to work, work organizations or neighborhoods). This session invites papers directed on this research programme of social capital: what have we achieved, so far? Have we been successful in establishing a body of knowledge about how people create social resources and about the returns on investment in relationships? Which hypotheses are falsified, which need better testing? Finally, can we ask new questions, what are new directions for studying people’s social resources? 


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Beate Volker
Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology
Director programme group  ‘Institutions, Inequalities, and Life Courses (IIL)’
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