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Dear SOCNETers,

We kindly invite you to submit an abstract to the session "Analysis of longitudinal personal and small social network analysis" at the Sunbelt in Utrecht next year June 26 – July 1. Please feel free to contribute to our session with your empirical or methodological work.

While temporal processes are inherently dynamic phenomena, research has widely treated them as static, higher-order constructs (e.g.  Kozlowski, 2015; Leenders, Contractor, & DeChurch, 2016). In order to address this gap, we need to analyze their emergence from individual interactions as well as their trajectory over time. As these kinds of processes can be conceptualized as relational event networks, this symposium focusses on temporal processes in personal and small groups’ dynamics via longitudinal network analysis. In this context, we want to address the issue of change in personal and small group networks from a conceptual as well as methodological perspective.

We welcome researchers to submit their empirical or theoretical work concerning the longitudinal analysis of personal and small social networks to this session to join the discussion on how to best analyze personal and small social networks sampled at more than two or three measurement occasions.


The submission deadline is 1 February 2018. Drop us a line in case you have questions.


Abstracts for 20-minute paper presentations with up to 500 words can be submitted here.


We are looking forward to your contributions!


Best regards,

Luisa, Lisa, and Elena



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