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Dear Fellow Network Analysts,


Please consider submitting an abstract to our session on Tie Dormancy and Reactivation. Here is a short blurb about the session:


Relationships change, and ties that were once significant sometimes fade or disappear. Having once existed, however, these ties retain the potential to re-emerge, mobilized like sleeper cells as circumstances or needs change. The potential of these ties can be enormous – when reactivated, previously dormant ties can offer benefits such as novel information and support. This session focuses on two key aspects in the changes in social relationships: becoming dormant and getting reactivated. The session organizers will consider submissions relevant to: 1) the processes by which ties become dormancy and reactivated; 2) measurement of dormancy; 3) costs and benefits of tie-reactivation. (This list is not exhaustive).


We look forward to reading your abstracts and also seeing you at the conference!



Chang Z. Lin

Ph.D. Candidate

Dept. of Sociology - University of Toronto

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