Thanks, Jesse, for posting the link.  I watched the video and was also puzzled by references to what people did or did not know.  I asked my local chapter president if he had received notification from HQ about this quarterly video update (thinking that perhaps news about the video had gone to chapter leadership), but he said that he had not.  Using YouTube can be an effective tactic to reach a large audience, but only if the potential audience is informed of its availability.

I suppose what concerns me most is that there seems to be a significant gap between what HQ believes they are communicating and what members/chapters are hearing (or not hearing).

I am naïve enough to believe that ARMA HQ thinks they are adequately communicating to chapters and membership, but that the message is not reaching its intended target.

Just one woman’s opinion.

Pilar C. McAdam, CRM
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Los Angeles, CA 

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