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Hello Dave


These chaps/ladies surely seem to have fun in their 'finger dances';-)

It's a beautiful animal that you endowed with an equal name!


cheers - Yves

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Esteemed Colleagues,


Chuck Messing recently returned from a NOAA cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, and he kindly sent me the attached beautiful image of Chiridota heheva  Pawson & Vance, 2004.


In an e-mail, Chuck noted "The data for the C. heheva pic is Dive 10, Green Canyon Area, St. Tammany Basin, 27.04444148N, -91.19010335 (that’s N and W; the spreadsheet I have does not give minutes), depth 1620.8 m; 12 Dec 2017.  The dive site was located near a proposed Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary expansion zone, as well as a Habitat Area of Particular Concern (HAPC) proposed by the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Council.  The photo was taken in a large Bathymodiolus brooksi mussel bed near a methane seep site and also included Neolithodes agassizi, Chaceon fenneri, C. quinquedens, Munidopsis sp., Alvinocaris muricola, Polynoidae, ophiuroids, Sclerolinum contortum, and amphipods."


"On such a full sea we are now afloat...."  Shakespeare.


Cheers, Doris and Dave.




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