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Dear Batul,

I would suggest you having a look at Nick Crossley’s works and also at  
those who have worked on the intersection between field theory and  
networks (e.g. Crossley, again, Wendy Bottero and Wouter De Nooy).  
Emirbayer and Victoria Johnson wrote a piece on Bourdieu and  
organizational analysis, which deals with networks as well. My  
colleagues and I, too, gave a little contribution on the topic with a  
piece on field theory and networks published in Poetics in 2017. See  
also this book:
Applying Relational Sociology: Relations, Networks, and Society by  
François Dépelteau, C. Powell, eds.


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> Dear SOCNET listserv,
> I’m a graduate student writing my thesis on cross-nationality  
> professional interactions in Kuwait. I am looking to incorporate  
> work on networks and relational sociology, especially as relevant to  
> organizations, into my literature review but am not very familiar  
> with the field. Any recommendations as to scholars whose work I  
> should pay attention to would be highly appreciated. I’m aware of  
> Emirbayer’s work in the 90s but would like to know about more recent  
> scholarship and debates within the discipline.
> Thank you in advance,
> Batul K. Sadliwala
> Research Assistant | World Peace Foundation
> Research Associate | The Tripoli Project at the Fares Center
> MA in Law & Diplomacy 2018
> The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy | Tufts University
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