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Dear SOCNET'ers,

I am happy to announce that the R package "netrankr" (v0.2.0) for 
network centrality is available via CRAN.

netrankr is a package that takes a different route for centrality than 
traditional approaches. It does not provide any indices explicitly,
but only the necessary building blocks. It is theoretically possible to 
build up to 200 indices with those.
The main goal of the package is, however, not to provide a set of 
indices, but to introduce a
new workflow and methodologies for centrality. This includes, for 
instance, partial rankings and
expected ranks of nodes.

The package comes with an extensive online manual 
<> describing the methodology in 
more detail
including also the relevant literature.

Note that this is an early version of the package and new features will 
be added continuously.
The most up-to-date version is usually the one on github 
(devtools::install_github("schochastics/netrankr"), currently v0.2.1).

Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problems, or write an issue 
on github <>.

Best regards,


ETH Zürich
Dr. David Schoch
Chair of Social Networks
Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences
Weinbergstrasse 109
8092 Zürich, Switzerland
+41 44 632 4193
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