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We are looking for a postdoc in Network Science/Computer Science with some biological background/ Bioinformatics. 
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The Channing Division of Network Medicine (CDNM) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School is looking for exceptional candidates to fill a postdoctoral position in Network Medicine, a rapidly developing field that applies systems biology and network science to human diseases.

The research will be done under the mentorship of Dr. Amitabh Sharma, with opportunities for collaboration with other faculty in CDNM who have expertise in statistics, bioinformatics, epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, and genomics of complex human diseases. CDNM is the home of the ongoing Nurses’ Health Study, with 35 years of follow-up and repeated detailed information on diet and lifestyle from 120,000 women. From this and many other cohorts, CDNM has DNA samples from more than 200,000 individuals. CDNM also has extensive computer resources.

We are seeking individuals to collaborate with biologists on three major endeavors: 1) The role of connectivity in Human Diseases, 2) Developing Network Based approach to understand Human diseases and 3) global proteomics data analysis of in vitro and in vivo models and clinical samples with specific diseases.

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