Data Carpentry Workshop @ UF

March 20-21, 2018


The 1st Annual UF Data Symposium and the UF Carpentries Club are offering a two day Data Carpentry workshop to help the UF community get started learning R and common data management tools such as the spreadsheets, OpenRefine and SQL. Need to learn some programming for a class? Have data you're scared to work with in Excel? Want to collaborate effectively with your peers? We were there once too. Come start learning with us.

Our instructors are trained by the Carpentries in evidence-based pedagogy and our materials have been developed collaboratively over years by dozens of contributors. The University of Florida Informatics Institute and Biodiversity Institute have generously volunteered space and resources for this workshop in order to advance the skillset of the UF community. The organizers, instructors and helpers are volunteering their time to help UF, and you!

Information, schedule and register here: