Greetings Listers,

As our work in learning assistance evolves, I am curious about the many
variations of approaches to supporting students that have developed over
time.  While most of us are familiar with tutoring and SI, many learning
centers have adapted these models to suit their student needs and
institutional resources.  For example, when USF decided to develop the
flipped classroom/lab model for introductory math courses, we looked at
several models and then constructed the approach that we felt best fit our
students' needs.  And of course we adapted it over the first few years as
we assessed the results.  And we called it the SMART Lab.

I am interested in collecting the many varied models that we have around
the country. I have a few quick questions about what you do:

   1. What do you call it? And if it is an acronym what does the acronym
   stand for?
   2. Briefly describe how it operates.   (ie: peer support, embedded,
   individual, group, scheduled, drop-in)

You are welcome to email me off list (email is below) and I will be happy
to post the results to the list.



*Patricia A. Maher, Ph.D.*
*Immediate Past President*
*National College Learning Center Association*
*Former Director, USF Academic Success Center*

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