Learning Assistance Colleagues,

If you are not aware, Assembly Bill 1935 and Senate Bill 1009 are currently being considered in California. These bills would amend Section 84757 of the Education Code and allow California Community Colleges to collect apportionment for degree-applicable and transfer-level courses. It would also allow students to self-refer for tutoring.

The Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance (ACTLA) fully supports these bills. The ACTLA Executive Board has sent letters of support to assembly members and will continue to advocate for these changes that directly impact the success of California Community College students.

Attached, please find the ACTLA letter of support, fact sheet, and the proposed changes to AB 1935.

Additionally, here are the most updated links to information:

Senate Bill: SB 1009<> amended March 12, 2018.
Assembly Bill: AB 1935<>, January 24, 2018.
Academic Senate for California Community Colleges: ASCCC Legislative Report<> and Resolution<> (needs to be revised 2017-2018).

Please join us in supporting these bills. Discuss with your local academic senates, administration, political advocates, and whomever else you can rally for support.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact ACTLA via listserv, or Ray Sanchez<mailto:[log in to unmask]>, current ACTLA President.

Thank you for all of the work you do!

Tabitha Villalba
Writing and Reading Center Coordinator
ACTLA Past President
Fresno City College
1101 E. University Ave.
Fresno, CA 93741
(559) 442-4600 ext. 8089

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