Primary Research Group Inc., has published the Survey of American College
Students: Use of & Satisfaction with College Tutoring Services, 2018, ISBN

This major study of how American college students use their college tutoring
services presents data from a representative sample of 1,100 college
students attending 4-year colleges in the United States.  The report gives
highly detailed data on who uses walk-in tutoring, online tutoring, peer
tutoring, and group tutoring, and even gives a complete picture on the
extent to which students hire their own tutors.  The report also pinpoints
satisfaction levels with college tutoring service and not only defines who
has used these services but who plans to use them in the near future. 

Data in the report presented in the aggregate and then broken out separately
for seventeen different variables including but not limited to: college
grades, gender, income level, year of college standing, SAT/ACT scores,
regional origin, age, sexual orientation, college major and other personal
variables, and by Carnegie class, enrollment size and public/private status
of the survey participants institutions of higher education. 

Just a few of the 90-page report’s many findings are that:

Students with a full-time job were one high use demographic for online
tutoring 17.76% had used online tutoring from or at their college.

Students who practice a religion and consider it a very important part of
their lives were much more likely than more secular counterparts to have
used their college tutoring services.

Gay students were considerably more likely than straight students to use the
college tutoring service 

28.39% had used group tutoring; its use was most common among the youngest
students, those aged 19 or younger, of whom 31.74% had been in group
tutoring and least common among students over age 30, of whom only 15.87%
had used it.

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