Hello Tina,

We use TutorTrac as one helpful tool.  Our students check-in and check-out of their tutoring 
session at a kiosk computer, and they complete a brief survey when they check out.  
TutorTrac allows up to 8 different customizable survey questions, that you can set as 
multiple choice (we have students rate various items on a Likert scale) or have students 
type out responses.  TutorTrac also includes a 9th field option for general Student Remarks.

The reporting feature in TutorTrac is really helpful to pull reports on student responses and 
monitor feedback by location, by consultant, etc.  This also gives us immediate feedback, as 
students complete the survey at the end of each session.  This semester we have a 
response rate of 92.12%.

I'm happy to respond to any other questions you may have, if I can be helpful.

Good luck!

Brett Gray
Individual Learning Services Coordinator
SMART Learning Commons
Office of Undergraduate Education
University of Minnesota Twin Cities
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