Hi everyone,

I saw a great post about hosting workshops based on motivation/goal setting, and it reminded 
me of a question that we've been trying to solve forever now: how do we get students to 
attend workshops?

We know that most students are often trying to juggle not just their classes, but also their 
jobs, family, social life, etc. We find this particularly acute in the community college or 
commuter college setting where students only come to campus for their classes and leave 
directly after.

We reach out to students through mail merges, faculty support, and posters around campus. 
We see that extra credit tends to bring out more students (marginally), although this is 
granted through faculty's good graces and never requested by the tutoring center.

To be sure, there are many contributing factors, but I'm curious to see what other strategies 
are out there?

Thank you for your time!

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