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Complimentary Webinar: Using Technology To Streamline Onboarding, Improve
Readiness & Support Probation Students

Thursday, March 15 ~ 12:00-1:00pm (Eastern)

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For many first-year students, attending college can be overwhelming with
regard to enrollment, choosing classes, coursework demands, study
strategies, test-taking, and basic knowledge about utilizing campus
resources. These tasks can be confusing and often times cause students to
panic. Therefore, it’s critical for colleges to recognize these panic
junctures and provide online resources focused on helping students persist
through these tough stages.

Using Oakland Community College as a case study, we will examine how
colleges can support students using technology from recruitment to
graduation. Using key points in the student lifecycle, we will demonstrate
how using these technology interventions encourages students to persist
instead of panic. We will focus on orientation, onboarding, the first-year
and students on academic probation. The presenter will discuss how using
online tools such as online orientation (Go2Orientation) and online student
success workshops (StudentLingo) not only guides students through starting
college, but also prepares them to be a college student.

We will provide guest logins to the platform so participants can review
Oakland’s orientation and student success workshops in detail after the


   - Examine current barriers facing students throughout the student
         lifecycle and explore how technology can be used to remove
these barrier
         - Discuss methods for streamlining the new student orientation
         - Compare your current onboarding process to one that uses
         technology to streamline the process
         - Share materials and case studies from other institutions
         - Examine the opportunity to address college readiness skills in
         the onboarding process and throughout the first year
         - Discuss challenges with providing support services online
         - Explain the importance of assessment and how to use data to
         improve services

*Presenter Information:*

*Ms. Stanbrough* is currently the Dean of College Readiness at Oakland
Community College.  During her tenure at OCC, Beverly’s responsibilities
has included Enrollment Services, recruitment, placement, orientation,
international student advising, personal, career and educational
counseling, curriculum review, outcomes assessment and faculty member.  She
is responsible for creating successful and transparent processes for
students entering the college.  She was a member of the MACRAO movement and
have been instrumental in assisting her institution with the “Guided
Pathways’ movement.  Outside of her professional work, Beverly is active
with her community, high school alumni association, board member for the
B.A.L.L. Foundation and is the Board President of Cooley High Reuse
Project.  Beverly earned her graduate, undergraduate and specialization
degrees from Walsh College, Eastern Michigan University and Wayne State

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