Just a reminder that the Journal of College Academic Support Programs (J-CASP) Issue 1, Volume 1 has been available and free to the public since February 2, 2018. Please share with your colleagues. We are accepting submissions for our early summer issue until April 1. At this link,, you can view the following articles, as well as navigate the ďaboutĒ section for our online submission guidelines. Here are the articles featured in the J-CASPís inaugural issue:

Effectiveness of a Summer Bridge Program at McLennan Community College

The Role and Impact of Supplemental Instruction in Accelerated Developmental Math Courses

Internal Conflict: Community College Presidents and Developmental Education

Learning Styles: Academic Fact or Urban Myth? A Recent Review of the Literature

The Effect of Acceleration on Subsequent Course Success Rates Based on the North Carolina Developmental Mathematics Redesign

Teaching the Rhetorical Situation to Improve Disciplinary Literacy

Goffman and Spoiled Identity: Helping Developmental Students Shed the Label

Implementing Change and Planning English Corequisite Classes

Bringing Collaboration and Differentiation Into the College Classroom

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