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I’ll start with my question: Has anyone provided something unique with regard to academic planners?  What about campus-wide access to a time-management app?


Background:  We provide academic planners at new student orientation each year.  The planners include info on campus resources and important dates/deadlines, plus weekly/monthly planner pages for the year.  I have found that the design of the planners is not conducive to building good time-management skills.  Also, individuals tend to want to use individualized planners, whether that means a cool paper planner or an app that provides what they need.  Most students who I meet with are already using some kind of planner (keep in mind I’m on a “type A” campus), but I have never seen a student actually use the academic planner we provide.  It seems that the funds we throw towards these planners might be better used in a more innovative manner. 


Tera M. Lessard, MA

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