We have 3 peer tutoring centers with both appointment-based and walk-in tutoring services. The 2 centers in residence halls are open until 10 PM. All appointments are held in one of the 3 centers, during center hours. This is for everyone’s safety. Consider the integrity of your program and the safety of all who participate as primary tenets of your policy. Growing pains can be exciting!



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Good Morning,


Historically, in our center, which is located in our university library, we have assigned student peer tutors a specific room to hold their appointment. Every room has a white board, access to a computer and a minimum of 4 chairs, which allows for small group appointments in a private atmosphere.  Now 3 years into my tenure, our peer tutoring program is growing fast and we're increasingly running out of space.  In addition, our center also closes at 8:00pm and I'm contemplating changes for fall with the policy around peer tutoring and when appointments can be made as we're planning on transitioning to the WC Online platform.


Here's my questions:

1. Where do your tutors host their sessions?   How are they arranged?

2. Do your tutors work beyond the hours of your main office?   If yes, how do you manage it?,

4. Do your peer tutors work in multiple buildings? (we are a small school with no satellite offices)


I appreciate your help as I want to think outside of our norm and sometimes the easiest solutions escape me.


Have a great day and thank you in advance for your responses.


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