Hello Kaddour,


I may be a little slow answering your inquiry. Our center does not use SAS to perform the statistical analysis. However, we do collect an lot of data for analysis.


First, we collect descriptive data. For each service offered (Peer Tutoring, Writing Center, Community Tutoring,  Structured Learning Assistance (SLA), and Full Spectrum Learning):

·         Number of non-duplicated students supported

·         Total number of sessions (for SLA, this is number of courses/sections supported)

·         Average number of sessions provided to each student supported

·         Supported population demographics (gender and race)

·         Academic programs supported (name of program and percentage of services provided that went to that program)


Then, we collect data on course impact:

·         For courses with n large enough for analysis:

o   Grades, sessions attended, ACT Sub-scores, and most recent term enrolled for all students enrolled in the course

o   This data is used to determine:

§  Difference in grade between those using the service and those who didn’t, disaggregated by the ACT Sub-score which best correlates to course performance.

§  Difference in grade by number of sessions attended

§  Difference in persistence between those who used the service and those who didn’t

o   For each of the items listed above, we use either a T-test or Chi Square (whichever is appropriate for the data) to determine significance. Our data indicates that while participation in tutoring does not always result in a significant difference in grade earned, it consistently produces significant improvement in persistence ( significant at the 0.001 level).

·         For select courses (either new to the SLA program or of interest to the administration or a department)

o   We pull the following data upon request:

§  Class

§  High School grade

§  ACT Sub-scores

§  Section

§  Start time of lecture

§  Instructor

§  Grade

§  Overall GPA

§  Most recent term enrolled

o   Using this data, we determine

§  Impact of SLA on student performance, disaggregated by ACT Sub-score and HS GPA

§  Impact of start time on student performance

§  Impact of SLA on student persistence

§  We also have the ability to determine impact of instructor on student outcomes (performance and persistence), but this is only done at the request of a responsible party (Provost, Associate Provost, Dean, or Chair)

§  All of the data is checked for significance


Finally, we collect information which helps us complete the picture of what our services provide to students and the learning community

·         Results from student surveys

·         Number of student employees who earned certification, disaggregated by certification level

·         Staff members who have earned certification (Learning Center Leadership Certification through NCLCA), presented, or published during the previous academic year, as well as staff engagement in professional organizations (board members, reviewers, etc.)

·         Two or three stories of the impact our services have made on students’ lives (employees and clients), as told by the students (these short narratives can be quite touching).


This has been a lengthy post, but I hope it is helpful.



Martin Golson

Director, Academic Support

Certified Learning Center Professional – Level 4

Austin Peay State University


(931) 221-6553


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Hello All,

I wonder if any center uses SAS for statistical analysis of the collected data that relates tot he center's use.  Also, perhaps more importantly, what data is collected and how?  The data is for purpose of center assessment and end of semester/year report to the dean. Thank you.



Kaddour Boukaaabr,Ph.D.

Math Lab Director

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