Hi Heidi,

Yes, I prepare a budget proposal each fiscal year with justification for the amounts I am requesting. This proposal goes to the manager of the ASC, and he or she will use it to prepare his or her budget proposal for the year. That proposal will, of course, go to the college budget committee. Then, we will find out how much we will actually get!


Our tutors go through CRLA certified training program before the semester begins and they get paid for that. Each semester,  I reach out to Work Study to see if they have any students they can place with us (they must meet our tutor criterea). Sometimes they can place a few students with us, but I never count on it. I just see it as a bonus if they are able to.


Our peer tutoring sessions are scheduled, and students who want a tutor have to go through a request process to be paired with one. When a student is paired with one of our peer tutors, they get two one-hour sessions with that tutor each week.


It’s possible (and perhaps even likely) that we have more problems with no-shows than you do, since the students do not pay for the service. However, we only allow two student no call/no-show before they are dropped from the program. We always have a waiting list, so we will put someone else into that slot.


We pay our peer tutors $10 an hour. Most of them work around 15 hours a week.


Kelly Askey lodes  | Acting Manager

Peer/Group Tutoring Program Supervisor


Academic Support Center at Florissant Valley

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Hi Kelly,


How are your tutors paid? Do you have a specific budget that is used? Our no-show rate is fairly low. The $5 they pay is included in their tuition. With minimum wage going up and the amount of training involved- we are thinking of raising the fee.


Thanks for your response!


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