Hi There! 

I know this has been discussed in the past, but I am new to the listserv, so please forgive me.

We are currently using TutorTrac (and hate it) and were looking at WC Online as an alternative, but after being treated quite poorly by Carla Hay, the co-owner, when trying to schedule a call to discuss Banner integration with my CIO, it looks like we are back in the market for a tutoring software. The things we would like are: 

-Online appointment sign-up for students
-Easy to use scheduling
-A form that can be stored in the system and sent to instructors and students post-session
-Easy data reporting
-Online Tutoring Capabilities 
-Easy integration

Thanks in advance for your recommendations! 

Keigh-Cee Bell

Coordinator of Tutoring Services
Fred L. Mathews Library

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