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Especially for those of you with a more theoretical (in the math, stats, 
CS, physics, etc. sense) and methodological bent, the Society for 
Industrial and Applied Mathematics is starting up a new journal:

It's called SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science (SIMODS), and it 
will start taking submissions on 25 April.

The Editor in Chief is Tamara Kolda, a computational linear algebraist.

Network science is included explicitly as part of the journal's remit and 
should be a big part of the journal (there are several networks people on 
the editorial board), and I am one of the Associate Editors that 
represents that topic (and in my case, also representing topics like 
complex systems).

The Editorial Policy is posted and gives a good indication of the topics 
and types of papers that are appropriate. We look forward to seeing your 

There will be more information posted gradually.


  Mason A. Porter
  Professor, Department of Mathematics, UCLA

  Twitter: @masonporter
  Skype: tepid451
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