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Dear colleagues,

The edited volume "Computational Social Science in the Age of Big Data.
Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications" (Herbert von Harlem
Verlag (Publ.)) is published!

The volume explores concepts, methods, tools, and applications of
(automated) data-driven research based on social science issues. The
volume intends to foster Computational Social Science (CSS) as an
emerging field of research and application by promoting an
interdisciplinary access to the field. The articles cover scientific
perspectives on expanding participation and design solutions with
computational approaches and how to store and handle automated data
collections. They show methods of data processing for a wide spectrum of
social science research, from historical financial data to the dynamics
of social protest. Contributions from international authors both cover
research-relevant and practice-oriented topics of CSS. Academic online
researchers and applied market researchers receive an easy to read and
up to date introduction as well as insightful methodological discussions
and application areas.

Our edited volume was supported by German Society for Online Research

************ Notes ******************
Computational Social Science in the Age of Big Data
Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Cathleen M. Stuetzer / Martin Welker / Marc Egger (Eds.)
2018, 460 S., 213 x 142 mm, engl.

ISBN (Print) 978-3-86962-267-5
ISBN (PDF) 978-3-86962-268-2


You are welcome to share it :-). Many thanks in advance.

Warm regards,

Dr. Cathleen M. Stuetzer

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