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Dear SocNeters,


me and my colleague are working on an analysis regarding the multiplex
multireciprocity and reciprocity of a weighted, closed social network. All
obtained properties will then be compared with expected values under
suitable null models (Directed Binary and Weighted Configuration Model
respectively). As this is a non-standard analysis approach, there is very
little to find on available software or standards of data formatting and


We were wondering if any of you had dealt with something like this before;
if you have done and are kindly willing to share helpful advice or refer a
source which addresses this matter, we would be much obliged.


Below I’ve included the references we are currently planning to base our
analysis on.


With best regards,




Gemmetto, V., Squartini, T., Picciolo, F., Ruzzenenti, F., & Garlaschelli,
D. (2016). Multiplexity and multireciprocity in directed multiplexes.
Physical Review E, 94 (4), 042316. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevE.94.042316

Squartini, T., Picciolo, F., Ruzzenenti, F., & Garlaschelli, D. (2013).
Reciprocity of weighted networks. Scientific Reports, 3, 2729. doi:



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