We are looking for casual seating. Couch, loveseat or chairs.

If you were one of the lucky departments to receive some of the seating from the Reitz Union remodel, is it still working for you?

We would love to get some more pieces even the ones with arms. Picture of Reitz union seating attached.





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Melissa Centurion | Administrative Support AST II|

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University of Florida  –  Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment

Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering

Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences

220 Black Hall, Gainesville, FL  32611


Advance Notice:    I will be out of the office on March 14th

                                      And will be leaving early on March 22nd 


NOTE: When making room reservations, if you do not receive a confirmation, the room has not been reserved.



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