We are configuring an office and need to get rid of the following furniture to be picked up no later than March 16.


Pic: image 4245 above shows the credenza with hutch and bookcase

Height: 29”, with hutch 72”

Width: 72”

Depth: 24”


Bookcase: See image 4245 above - We have 2 available

Height: 72”

Width: 36”

Depth: 24”


Pic: Image 4246 - Bridge

Width: 48”

Depth: 24”


Pic: Image 4247 - Desk

Height: 29”

Width: 72”

Depth: 36”


Pic:  Image 4274 – Desk

Height:  29”

Width:  48”

Depth:  24”


This desk can be combined with the Bridge to make an L shaped desk.  The discoloration on the top of the desk in the picture is actually dust.


Pic:  Image 4248 shows up close scuff marks on desk in image 4247.  I’ve used a Furniture touch up marker now and it doesn’t look that bad.


If you would like to come see this furniture, please let me know.  We are located in the Shepard Broad Building. 

Kind Regards,



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