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I've got an older, rickety ladder that can't get me high enough, nor is it 

I need something for 7 shelves which is about 93 inches. Aisles (compact 
shelving) are ~36 inches wide. 

Any web sites that I should check out?  Or does anyone have a ladder they 
love, if so, where did you get it?

I am open even to hydraulic lift of some kind too.  I really, really want 
a ladder or hydraulic lift that has a platform at the top so I can go up 
and pull a box off the shelf and onto the platform.  Then, either bring 
the box down, or do a retrieval, right on the platform and put the box 
back.  But my aisles are so narrow, it's going to be hard to find 
something like that.  I realize the platform at the top (attached to the 
top of a ladder), will only work for boxes at the top, but it's nice not 
having to bring a box all the way down to work on it, but to have that 
platform up there for those times it works.

I'm not sure how a hydraulic lift would work, other then the obvious (they 
go up, they come down), but most anything would be better then what I have 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Susan Beamer
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Eastern Washington State

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