April is Records and Information Management month and I always try to do 
outreach campaigns in my organization during this time. The last couple 
years I have focused on transitory records clean up as a major theme and 
while I think that will continue to be a good subject to cover I am hoping to 
crowdsource new ideas from you all. I am particularly looking for ideas on:

Games and quizzes for employees to participate in

Cleaning up work spaces prior to a move (we have a lot of space shifting in 
the organization)

Records Management at home (trying to tie in the concept into something 
our employees might be personally interested in)

Anything else you might suggest!

I'm open to messages that can delivered electronically or in-person. I 
appreciate any help you all can provide and hopefully this question gives 
others ideas on what to do for their own RIM Month.

Jessica Marshall
Sound Transit
Seattle, WA 

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