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On 08-04-2018 01:50, Kamal Badar wrote:
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> Dear All,
> I am looking for a measure which compares ego networks of different
> size. Here is the scenario postulated step by step:
> 1)  The egos rate their ties (social support) with their alters on a
> 0-6 scale. 
> 2)  We are not interested to know the ties/strength of ties among
> alters.
> 3)  We then want to know the average strength of each egos' ties.
> Here is a problem: So if one ego is connected to to 3 alters with
> valued ties of say 3, 4, 6 which sums up to 13 and 13/3= 4.333 is the
> average. Then there is another ego connected to only one alter with a
> valued tie of 6 and then 6/1 is 6 which doesn't make sense.   
> How to resolve this problem? Do we have a measure to address this
> problem? 

   An option is that you assume that each node can link to D (maximum 
   nodes. Assign to missing links the value 0. Then the average strength 
   equal to
       sum of weights / D
   If D=5, you get  13/5 = 2.6  for the first case and 6/5 = 1.2 for the 

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