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dear colleagues

the Department of Sociology and social research in Trento has issued a call
for expressions of interest as the first step of a process to recruit two
positions in Social and political research methods. Please share the info
below with anybody who might be interested.

Thanks for your assistance, MD

*Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento, Italy*

*Faculty Positions: Call for Expression of Interest*

The Department, regularly ranked among the top social science departments
in Italy, is establishing a new Center for Social and Political Research
Methods funded by a 5 year, €6.2m grant from the ‘Departments of  Excellence
Scheme’ of the Ministry for University and Scientific Research-MIUR.  It
will be advertising new faculty positions in Sociology and in Political
Science, in both cases with a profile on research methods.  Depending on
the candidates’ qualifications, these appointments can be offered at the
Lecturer B (Ricercatore a tempo determinato B) level or at the Associate
Professor (Professore Associato) level.

Scholars with a good research and teaching record are invited to express
their interest in these positions by contacting the Departmental Chair,
Professor Mario Diani (please email both mario.diani@unitn .it AND
[log in to unmask]*)*.

The Candidates’ Profile

Candidates should have a significant experience in research methodology,
combined with a substantive social scientific focus. While open to consider
any methodological approach, the Department is particularly interested in
candidates with expertise in one or more of the following methods:

·       agent-based modelling (ABM) approaches

·       field experiments

·       qualitative comparative analysis-QCA and related methods for the
analysis of small Ns

·       statistical methods for the analysis of relational data, such as
exponential random graph models-ERGM

·       methods for spatial research such as geographic information

·       mixed methods for the analysis of textual and narrative data,
combining qualitative and quantitative approaches

The Department will particularly welcome candidates combining
methodological expertise with research interests in one or more of the

·       environmental and territorial processes

·       the social organization of cultural production

·       public communication

·       the structure of scientific communities, professional groups, and
communities of practice

·       public policy

·       multilevel governance

·       political behavior and public opinion

·       political change and cleavage structures

·       forms and mechanisms of cooperation and conflict

Candidates will have a doctoral degree and at least three years of
postdoctoral research experience at reputable institutions. An
international outlook is desirable, as well as proof of skills involved in
fund-raising from national and EU sources. Candidates should have good
interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to work as part of
a team. In addition to a full command of the English language, candidates
will be expected to be able to teach in Italian within three years from the
start of their appointment.

The Department is committed to equal opportunities in recruitment and
career progression.

The positions

Lecturer B (Ricercatore a tempo determinato B) is a tenure track position,
to be converted into an Associate Professorship after three years,
following favorable evaluations from the Department and the University
Recruitment Committee, and the award of the National Habilitation as
Associate Professor from a National Evaluation Committee.

Associate Professor is a permanent, tenured position.  Candidates will need
either a National Habilitation from the Italian National Committee, or to
be in an equivalent position to Associate Professor in their current
employment. Equivalence of academic position abroad is defined according to
standards provided by the Italian Ministry of University and Research

The successful candidates will play a key role in the setting up of the new
Center for Social and Political Research Methods (see below). They will
teach at undergraduate, master, and doctoral level, carrying a teaching
load of 120 hours per academic year for the Associate Professor, and 90
hours for the Lecturer B. They will also supervise student dissertations at
all levels. The positions will carry some administrative duties,
commensurate to rank. Candidates will be expected to be resident in the
Trento province.

About the Department of Sociology and Social Research and the Center for
Social and Political Research Methods

The *Department of Sociology and Social Research* continues the tradition
of the Faculty of Sociology, established in 1962 as the first HE
institution in Italy devoted to social science research. The Department
currently hosts 55 academic staff (about 60% sociologists, 20% political
scientists, and the other 20% from disciplines including anthropology,
economics, history, mathematics, philosophy, and statistics).  Researchers
based in the department have achieved international recognition in several
areas including comparative and European politics and policy, consumerism,
cultural processes, family and the life course, inequality, labor market,
migration, multilevel governance, organization studies, public opinion,
science studies, social forecasting and anticipation studies, social
movements and collective action, social work, sociological theory, welfare
organizations and social services.

The Department recruits about 400 students every year to its three
undergraduate programs in Sociology, International Studies and Social Work.
It offers Master programs in Sociology & Social Research, Organizational
and Territorial Dynamics, and Management of Social Services, and
collaborates with the Master’s programs of the School of International
Studies. The department is currently launching a new Master’s degree in
Data Science in cooperation with other departments of the university. The
Doctoral Program in Sociology, part of the Doctoral School of Social
Sciences, is one of the oldest and arguably the most prestigious PhD
program in Sociology in the country.

The Department is regularly ranked among the top social science departments
in Italy in periodical assessments of the quality of research in the
country.  A new *Center for Social and Political Research Methods* is being
established with the following aims and objectives:

·       to improve the methodological quality of the research conducted in
the department

·       to work towards the integration of quantitative and qualitative

·       to coordinate teaching activities on research methods in the

·       to assist both staff and students in the development of their

·       to offer training opportunities on state-of-the-art methodologies
both to the broad scientific community as well as to researchers in public
agencies or business

·       to stimulate awareness of the potential misuses of social science
data in public debates

*How to express your interest*

*Interested academics should send an up to date CV and a letter outlining
their research foci and methodological skills, to the Departmental Chair
Professor Mario Diani ((please email both mario.diani@unitn .it AND *
*[log in to unmask]* <[log in to unmask]>*)**. Based on the quality
of the expressions of interest received, a formal Call for Applications may
be issued, in conformity with Italian regulations. The Department hopes to
issue such call by May 2018 at the latest.  *

Mario Diani

Chair, Department of Sociology & social research
University of Trento
Via Verdi 26
38122 Trento

email: [log in to unmask]
office phone: +39 0461 281336
cell phone: +39 3478955638
fax: +39 0461 281348

skype: mario.diani

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