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I have two specific how-to questions about doing LR-QAP in UCINET, and one more substantive q:

1. In the menu for LR-QAP, on the right side there's a box that says Data are: Symmetric (undirected), Non-Symmetric (directed). I assume that it is possible to have an undirected dependent variable matrix, and have a mix of directed and undirected independent variable matrices. But to which matrix/matrices does that box asking about directed or undirected data refer?

2. One of my independent variable matrices is geographic distance between households, but I missed one household's gps coords. It's a 105 by 105 household matrix. I know LR-QAP is pretty forgiving, but what does UCINET need in terms of entering a value to indicate missing data for the LR-QAP? Or is it still best to impute some kind of distance, as I see advised for other procedures?

3. In that matrix of geographic distances, I can calculate simple Euclidean distance, or I could use something like the log of the Euclidean distance, as I've seen for an ERGM. Thoughts on what is better? Using a geographic relationship like this is new for me.



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