Interested in learning and quantifying water and chemical transport through soil and unsaturated porous media?
Sign up for the 2018 Summer A Course ABE 6265: Vadose Zone Water & Solute Transport Modeling

Instructional Objectives:

*         Understanding fundamentals of soil hydrology: flow, solute transport, and water quality.

*         Step-by-step development and testing of numerical code for flow and solute transport through the vadose zone.

*         Exploring the oportunities of functional/simplified vs. numerical approaches for modeling water and solute transport in the unsaturated Vadose Zone.

*         Use of advanced tools for formal model calibration and evaluation.

*         Analysis of prediction uncertainty and global sensitivity analysis of models.

*         Knowledge of High Performance Computing (HPC) throughput simulation tools for global sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of models.

*         Application to student's own research area.

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