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The National Science Foundation (NSF) is currently transitioning its digital platform of record from Fastlane to Research.gov.  This transition is effectively a slow retirement of Fastlane with incremental changes as its functions migrate to Research.gov.  Starting Monday, April 30, NSF will launch functionality to submit proposals in Research.gov in addition to existing proposal submission functionality in Fastlane.  Unfortunately, this initial launch in Research.gov will not allow submission for all NSF proposal types and prevents inclusion of certain solicitation-specific required documents.  Due to these limitations, and to avoid confusion, all UF proposals submitted to the National Science Foundation must continue to use Fastlane


The Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) will monitor Research.gov as it is updated in later launches and releases and will issue guidance when Research.gov can be used for UF proposal submission.  DSP will continue to update the UF community about the Fastlane to Research.gov transition via emails and on our NSF-focused webpage.  Please reach out to DSP with your questions at [log in to unmask].